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[Devlog] On the difficulty of working with water

One of the problems with water, is that when you pour it into another recipient, it often creates ripples. This added another difficulty to the game as the players struggle to control both the water level and the way they pour water into the bowl. Many players complained about this difficulty and so we tried many algorithmic options to solve this problem. The issue with filtering the water level variations being that the experience might seem less responsive to the players.

Recent settings of Poseidon had different kinds of filtering algorithms and the feedbacks we got helped us a lot to understand the kind of result we need to achieve. We are still experiencing with that and hope to be able to bring a better experience to our players.

Pictures from Indiecade EU


Indiecade EU was a delightful moment ! We met a lot of people, had really interesting conversations and discovered a lot of interesting games. This was a really good opportunity for us to meet a different audience and get public feedbacks.